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Watches with small seconds hand

The small dial on the 6 o'clock position 

The small seconds hand is a popular alternative to the central seconds hand, in which the seconds hand is positioned centrally with the hour and minute hands. It enables the seconds to be displayed precisely on a separate small dial, which is often located at the 6 o'clock position. This arrangement visually creates more space on the dial, making it easier to read the seconds precisely at a glance. The positioning of the small seconds at the 6 o'clock position ensures a symmetrical and balanced dial design. It is particularly popular with Bauhaus watches, which are known for their minimalist design and focus on functionality. However, the practical relevance of the small second is particularly evident in chronographs, where the long second hand is often used for the stop function. Therefore, the seconds of the running time are displayed on one of the sub-dials. 

Watchmaking tradition newly interpreted 

In the past, it was mainly the movement and the type of watch that determined whether and where the seconds were displayed. Today, it is mainly personal preference and aesthetic considerations that determine the construction and positioning of complications, thanks to better technical possibilities and a wider choice. Although design-related reasons for placement are less relevant today, the positioning of the small seconds hand at the 6 o'clock position remains very popular with watch-lovers and collectors due to its aesthetics and tradition. As a complication steeped in tradition, it is often integrated into modern designs, adding a special flair to the watches.

"To me, the small seconds complication is a perfect symbol of the combination of watchmaking tradition, functionality and design."

Charlotte Junkers, Managing Partner Junkers Uhren